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Fabric blinds


Protect the room from the bright light and create a cozy atmosphere will help fabric roller blinds, which have appeared recently and quickly became very popular. This is due to the original appearance and functionality. They allow you to effectively regulate daylight, reducing or increasing the light transmission throughout the canvas area. Their designs have combined the quality of vertical blinds, fabric shutters.

Day-night system

The mechanism that makes full use of the benefits of Day-Night is the most complex. It not only allows you to move two canvases, but also to raise and lower them to the desired height. In addition, such window decor looks very nice. The fabric with alternating horizontal stripes of transparent and light-tight areas looks impressive. The complexity of the control mechanism, the properties and the amount of material used to make the structures affect their cost. But despite this, the fabric roller shutters of the Day-Night system are priced, which are higher in demand than the simpler models.

- Allows you to adjust the flow of light in any position.
- In the assortment of more than 250 fabrics.

- Simple installation, as in roller blinds of open type, allowing for self-installation

Horizontal blinds

Престиж Декор 140


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