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Mosquito net

Mosquito net

Mosquito net

What to do to protect yourself from bites and the annoying buzzing of mosquitoes, flies and other insects when a hot summer does not allow the doors and windows to close? Although some will seem that the best solution to close each hole in the house tightly, this is not an exit! Why do you deprive yourself of fresh air when there is a correct and reasonable solution to this problem?

Mosquito nets will help you to fight the summer invasion of insects, because their establishment is a 100% isolation from the uninvited "guests". Having provided for yourself and your children good nights, you will make your holiday a full-fledged one. And in the afternoon, flies, ashes and different flowering will not fall into the rooms, which can cause allergies.
You can install mosquito nets on any windows and doors. They are roller shutters and frameworks. At the core of the frame window and door grids - aluminum construction. Almost imperceptible mosquito net that is fixed to windows or doors with the help of special accessories, if necessary, easy to remove. And its installation can be carried out and only on the establishment of the window and on those that already cost more than one year.

The main characteristics of mosquito nets are the reliability of the frame and the material from which the mesh is made. It is also heat-resistant, does not change its color, but does not disintegrate. It's enough time to make wet wiping.

Qualified and quality mosquito nets are a reliable protection of the room, without which it is impossible to do on summer days and nights.

Door mosquito nets open on hinges, providing excellent insect protection and free access to balconies or terraces.


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