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Terms of use

Terms of use

Exclusively for informing

This site and all materials on it are prepared solely for the purpose of informing and are not a proposal for sale or promotion of the purchase / sale of securities, goods and services or investment. The site should also not serve as the basis for making any investment decisions. All thoughts on this site are not investment tips; if necessary, consult independent experts. Neither the placement of information materials on this site nor access to them imposes any obligations or obligations on the part of TMM.

Use of the site

The site is provided for your personal non-commercial use only. You may not copy, display, reproduce, distribute, publish, modify, download, create derivative works, sell or otherwise use any part of the Site or the materials on it without the prior written permission of DveriOK. You may copy materials from this site for your personal non-commercial use, provided that each copy thereof is protected by copyright or the relevant links and the terms of use of the site.

Refusal of claim right

This site, materials, and services available on it are provided in the form in which they are or will be provided without warranty of any kind or completeness, accuracy, commercial benefit, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of third party rights. . DveriOK is not responsible or liable for the features contained on this site and does not guarantee the continuous and error-free operation of functions, troubleshooting, the absence of viruses or other malicious software on the site or server hosting the site. DveriOK is also not obligated to pay for any repairs or repairs you have requested.

Please note that the legislation of some countries does not permit the removal of guarantees or allows for their partial removal. Therefore, the above limitation of warranties may not apply to you or relate to you only to some extent.

Please note that the Internet is not a completely secure communication channel, and may be a potential means of intercepting, losing, distorting or altering communications. As access to the site is provided through a server in Ukraine, the information contained on this site is considered to be provided on the territory of Ukraine and is subject to the relevant legislation of Ukraine. If you visit a site outside of Ukraine, you do so at your own risk and are liable in accordance with local, national, or international law, including the laws on securities.

Please also note that despite the fact that the information on the site is updated periodically, the site does not always contain the most up-to-date information. Over time, as well as with the onset of subsequent events, information may become inaccurate or inexhaustible. The Site and the information on it may be modified and / or supplemented (including changes to these Terms) from time to time without a special notice.

Previous activity is not considered an indicator or a guarantee of future results; no statements and assumptions about DveriOK are considered as a guarantee of certain performance in the future.

This site may contain assumptions, including statements about plans, opportunities, negotiations, market and economy conditions, availability of financing and real estate value. You can define the previous statements by having the following words in them: "wait", "count", "assume", "predict", "estimate", "have intention", "will", "may" or "could" , denied forms of word data and other similar phrases.

Such assumptions are not a guarantee of certain actions by DveriOK or third parties. Such forecasts are valid only at the time of the statement. TMM assumes no obligation to review such forward-looking statements for compliance with future events, changes in circumstances, views, or the appearance of new information, or for any other reason.

Actual results may differ from predictive statements for reasons beyond the control of DveriOK, including changes in a particular market or in the economy, in particular the possibility of a general slowdown in economic development or decline; changes in the characteristics of the company's products and geographical concentration; competition in the industry; changes in the level of interest rates and capital markets; current management decisions; changes in company management; changes in tax legislation; changes in climatic and other natural conditions that may affect the activity of DveriOK or damage its assets; environmental liability and changes in environmental laws and regulations; refusal or inability of third parties to perform their obligations under the contracts; the inability of the parties to reach agreement on certain conditions or to conclude an agreement, the risks associated with the financial stability of joint new projects; lack of electricity; our ability to successfully manage the risks associated with the above-mentioned factors; tand other risks inherent in the business concerned. Privacy By using this site, you do not disclose DveriOK does not require you to disclose any additional information or data other than those automatically used by the DveriOK hardware and software in accordance with existing standards and rules for electronic data exchange. You agree to use information provided by DveriOK in accordance with these Terms. DveriOK collects, stores, processes this user information of a technical nature (including standard information Except in cases governed by Ukrainian law, DveriOK will keep any information received from users as a result of their use of the site secret and will not disclose this information to third parties. By installing your software (including a web browser), you may personally change the technical terms of access to your confidential technical information. DveriOK undertakes to inform you about the collection and storage of the technical information that relates to you. DoDiOk does not bear the limitations of liability. accountability regarding any direct, special, indirect, consequential or incidental harm, or any loss or damage of any kind that arose as a result of a contractual activity, violation of a lawful right or otherwise, even if DveriOK was informed of the possibility of such damages resulting from access, use or impossibility of using this site or any products, services or information available on the site or arising from the transmission, interception or distortion of communications with this site. The legislation of some countries does not allow for exemption from liability for foreseeable or incidental damages, or allows restrictions to be introduced only to a certain extent; so the restrictions may not apply to you or concern you in a limited form. Links to other sitesSites that are on this site are solely for informational purposes and not verified by DveriOK. DveriOK is not liable, does not endorse or approve the content content of sites or pages linked to on this site. Also, DveriOK shall not be liable for any damages or losses that may result from connection to sites linked to on this site. Right Applicable, jurisdiction and partial invalidity of Terms Your use of this site is governed by Ukrainian law. . Any nullity of certain provisions of the Terms does not affect the validity of other provisions. Site modification and terms of use All information contained on this site is subject to change without notice. DveriOK may at any time make changes to fill the pages of this site, forward the visitor to other sites or delete pages from this site. These Terms may also change from time to time, and your use of this site is deemed to be your acceptance of the new Terms. Termination of the use of the websiteDveriOK may terminate your use of this site without notice. Contacting DveriOK, resolving conflicts and disputesAll questions and declarations regarding the use of this site, and also regarding the activities of DveriOK company are processed by authorized employees of DveriOK company at 0987150855@ukr.net.In case of dispute between the user of this site and DveriOK regarding the use of this site from The following mandatory claim handling procedure applies. A user who believes that his / her rights and / or interests were violated by DveriOK must send a claim to 0987150855@ukr.net in Ukrainian, English or Russian with full legal name ( for legal entities) or for the surname (for individuals), as well as the return address (postal and electronic). Within 10 working days after the receipt of the claim, DveriOK undertakes to send a reply on the merits of the claim to the sender's e-mail address, an instruction Well, in the claim. DeveriOK will not consider anonymous complaints or complaints that contain false or incomplete information about the sender. In case the sender is not satisfied with the response received from DveriOK or the user did not receive it at the appointed time, the procedure should be retried through mail correspondence. For these purposes, the DveriOK postal address below is used. Then, the deadline for replying from DveriOK in writing can be extended by no more than 10 working days. In the event of a dispute over the dispute filing procedure, the dispute must be resolved in the Kyiv Commercial Court (in case one of the parties disputes are legal entities or entrepreneurs without the status of legal entities) or in the district court of Kyiv at the place of registration of DveriOK (in case the other party to the dispute is an individual).

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