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Door closers, door accessories, handles

Door closers control the opening and closing of doors, thus protecting the locks and door structures, as well as performing thermal insulation and fire function. The door closer is selected depending on the weight of the door, its width and weight. Door closers are required on doors of offices and doors of other premises which are frequently visited. In winter, the closer retains heat, and in summer, air conditioning.


Door fittings are additional materials, without which the full functioning of any door is impossible. Door fittings include elements such as door handles, door closers, door locks, door hinges, and more.

Door handles

Stationary (office handles) are installed on office doors and entrance groups of shops. They are made of hot-pressed aluminum alloy, and a specially designed mounting base provides quick installation and a strong and durable fixation of the handle to the door leaf. Cover of office pens - polymer-powder. This defines their long service life. Standard colors are white, brown.

Push knobs are ideal for plastic doors with profile widths up to 70 mm. The door handle has a concealed mounting option that avoids sagging of the handle during operation and provides an aesthetic appearance after installation. Such a handle can be used to complete mortise locks with a latch (tongue) and mounted on the right and left door leafs of metal-plastic profile. Available colors are white, brown.

Door hinges

No less important part of the door fittings is the door hinges. Most often the door handles determine the style in which the door hinges will be selected. Door hinges are also one of the elements that is designed to ensure the safety of the room. If the door hinge is fitted with an anti-lock mechanism, it is almost impossible to break the closed door.

Door locks

The protection of the room is provided primarily by door locks. Modern door locks are mechanisms that combine sophisticated locking combinations that make it impossible for outsiders to enter.
Door locks of the Turkish firm Vorne are positioned in the world market of lock products as the most acceptable at the price for the consumer and are distinguished by high quality of manufacture, reliability and resistance to breaking. Vorne is one of the few that produces several series of door cylinder locks for narrow-profile doors, 30 mm thick, made of aluminum or plastic. A great feature of this type of locks is the ability to install them on non-standard doors, such as PVC profile doors with double glazing, and even a series of locks that are installed in sliding doors. Vorne cylinder mortise locks are available with or without latch, equipped with handle and have good burglary performance. Locks in this series are ideally suited for installation on entrance doors of houses and offices, as well as doors of premises which do not contain any material values.


Locking rails provide a reliable clamping of the sash to the frame at 3-5 points. This determines the sufficient density of closing the door and eliminates the violation of the geometry of the profile system, and as a result, the possibility of purging the door structure. The mechanism of operation of the locks-rails is quite simple and yet very reliable. Turning the key locks the main lock as standard; lifting the handle can be controlled simultaneously by all the locking elements.

Престиж Декор 140


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