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Glass packages

How to choose the right glass for windows?

The most part of a window aperture is occupied by a double-glazed window, therefore its properties, such as heat and sound insulation, light transmission, sun protection, determine the properties of the whole window structure. Therefore, the choice of double glazing must be taken with all responsibility.

A double-glazed window is a construction of two or more sheets of glass that are rigidly and hermetically sealed. The distance between the sheets of glass is fixed by means of a remote frame in which silica gel is located, performing the function of absorption of moisture. Glass for double-glazed windows should be brand M0 and M1, 4 mm thick, and in some cases 6 mm. Outside the perimeter of the double-glazed window is treated with sealant (butyl).

How many cameras should be in the double glazing?

The most common are single and double-glazed windows. In the single-glazed window there are two glasses, which form one air chamber, in the two-chamber double-glazed window - three glasses and two air chambers.

Obviously, a double-glazed window in its protective characteristics is better than a single-chamber. Therefore, double-glazed windows must be used when collecting objects with high energy-saving requirements.

Single-chamber double-glazed windows can be used in the southern regions of our country, as well as in the cold glazing of balconies and loggias, verandas and terraces, summer cottages.

What are the double-glazed windows depending on the functions they perform?

Modern technologies allow to give windows of various properties, depending on specific conditions. Yes, double-glazed windows can be: energy-saving, sun-proof, sound-proof, shock-proof, multifunctional.

Energy-saving double-glazed windows
They have one or two glasses with a special coating. Usually this coating is made on the basis of silver ions. The energy-saving coating works on this principle: it emits short-wave radiation from the sun, and the long-wave radiation from heating appliances and heated objects in the room does not let out.

Shock-proof double-glazed windows
Necessary in situations where there is a high risk of mechanical damage to the glass and injury by rolling pin. Shock-ups are commonly used in private homes, in ground floor apartments, to prevent theft of burglars. Also shock-proof double-glazed windows are used in children's rooms, schools and kindergartens, sports facilities, shops, showrooms and the like.

Shock glass can be used triplex glass or tempered glass.

Tempered glass is obtained by heating ordinary glass to certain temperatures, with further sharp cooling, which makes it stronger. And when damaged it splits into pieces that have blunt edges, that is, it is impossible to damage these rocks.



Triplex is a multilayer glass, the layers of which are interconnected by a polymer film. This helps to increase resistance to mechanical stress, and when damaged, the glass does not fly apart, but held on to the film.


Multifunctional double-glazed windows
Combine energy-saving and sun-protection properties that are achieved by a multilayer coating. The functional layer is responsible for the reflection of short- and long-wave radiation. The top and bottom layers are responsible for the reflectivity, color and level of sunlight. And the protective layers protect the functional layer from mechanical and chemical influences.

Do you need inert gas in the middle of the glass?

Yes, you do. Inert gas (usually argon, rarely krypton), due to the higher density of air, helps to slow the movement of molecules. That is, the heat transfer between the glass is slowed down, the inner glass remains warmer, and thus the risk of condensation on its surface is reduced. As mentioned above, the inert gas in the middle of the double glazing helps to increase the sound insulation properties.

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