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State Program  "Warm House"

On April 15, 2020, all state-owned banks announced the resumption of warm loans. But often

are asked to apply for a loan no earlier than May.

In 2020, Oschadbank, Ukrgasbank and Ukreximbank lend to private owners

houses and condominiums.

PrivatBank - only condominiums.

Apartment owners this year can not get warm loans without condominiums.

They can apply for a cash loan without government compensation.

The budget for 2020 provides UAH 400 million for warm loans. This is the same amount as in the previous two years.

Procedure for obtaining a warm loan:

Choose equipment and / or materials from the list of the Cabinet of Ministers, decide on the seller and get an invoice from him.

Provide the bank with the necessary documents.

After a positive decision of the bank to pay an advance to the seller and enter into a loan agreement. After that, the bank transfers the loan to the seller's account.

Receive the goods from the seller and provide the bank with the acceptance certificate (invoice).

Install energy-efficient equipment and provide the bank with a certificate of work performed. Some banks allow you to state that the modernization was carried out independently.

After that, the borrower has the right at any time to repay the balance of the loan without any penalties, paying interest on the actual term of the loan.

Receive compensation from the state to an account opened in a bank. The funds are received at the end of the month following the submission of the acceptance certificate. The act was submitted in May - expect compensation by the end of June.

Criteria for obtaining a loan

Materials and equipment

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1056 of October 17, 2011

(paragraph 3.4) compensation can be obtained:

For private houses (including divided into 2 apartments)

translucent structures with energy-saving glass (except single-chamber), including windows and balcony doors.

For apartments in apartment buildings (you can get a loan only through condominiums)

translucent structures with energy-saving glass (except single-chamber), including windows and balcony doors.

Compensation is also paid for the relevant additional equipment and materials.

The amount of compensation

35% of the cost, but not more than 14 thousand UAH. The conditions are the same for all borrowers, regardless of the subsidy.

How often can I get a compensated energy efficiency loan?

Once a year.

Requirements for the borrower

Citizenship of Ukraine and the presence of registration ("registration").

Age - from 21 years at the time of the loan to 65 years at the time of repayment.

Work experience:

employees - 6 months (at the current enterprise);

natural persons - entrepreneurs - 1.5 years (from the moment of registration);

retirees - not required.

Official income - at least UAH 2,500. month.

Income should be enough for:

repayment of a warm loan;

subsistence level for the borrower and minor children;

repayment of other loans (if any).

List of documents:

Borrower's passport and "identification code";

Certificate of salary for 6 months or declaration of a natural person-entrepreneur for the last 2 quarters (if submitted quarterly) or for the last year

submitted annually) or a certificate of pension accrual;

Invoice for the purchase of equipment and / or materials.

The bank may also request additional documents. For example, marriage certificates and

birth of children, receipts for payment of housing and communal services, loan agreement (if

the borrower has other loans).

After installation of materials it is necessary to provide the act of the performed works with indication of date and

installation addresses of all materials for which the loan was provided. Some banks allow

to submit a statement that the modernization was carried out independently.

Terms of Sberbank

Loan amount:

From 1,000 to 50,000 hryvnias.

Minimum advance:

30% of the cost of equipment and materials.


Up to 3 years.

Interest rate:

17.99% per annum.

Loan disbursement fee:

4.99% of the loan amount once.

Fee for transferring funds to the supplier's account:

UAH 750 for each transfer.

Other required payments:

450 UAH for insurance,

UAH 300 for account opening,

75 UAH / month for servicing the payment card (0 UAH / month if the amount of payments on the card

more than 3000 UAH / month)

Terms of Sberbank

In 2020, the bank does not issue new warm loans to individuals.

You can get a loan from Oschadbank, Ukrgasbank and Ukreximbank.

There were two ways to get a loan from PrivatBank:

1. In Privatmarket select the required category of goods and put a tick on

"Warm credit".

2. In a regular store that has a terminal for payment by PrivatBank cards and cooperates with it under this program.

The main requirement for the borrower is the presence of a PrivatBank card.

Terms of Ukrgasbank

Who can get a loan:

Owners of private houses.

Loan amount:

From 1,000 to 50,000 hryvnias.

Minimum advance:

10% of the cost of equipment and materials.


Up to 3 years.

Interest rate:

19.90% per annum.

Loan disbursement fee:

4.5% of the loan amount

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