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Doors. A bit of history

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Doors. A bit of history



Such an inalienable subject of our lives as the door, appeared in the early centuries. In those days, the door served exclusively to protect against dangerous manifestations of the surrounding world. The first known version of it was a huge stone, which was shifted by force not all ancestors of modern man. Due to this feature, the door locked only for the night, and the daytime housing was vulnerable.

The impassability of the stone has diminished the popularity of its use as a door. Some ancient peoples, such as the Greeks and the Egyptians, became the first producers of doors made of bronze and some species of trees. However, the boulders did not disappear completely - they were often entrusted with the role of doors in burial mounds or tombs. It was in the ancient world that the prototypes of modern interior doors were born. At that time they were made of scraps, skins, and later they became the appearance of partitions.

If to believe historical information, in ancient Egypt and Greece doors at the entrance to the rooms of residential buildings were initially decorated with stripes of leather, fabrics, beads. This is evidenced by the excavations of Pompeii, a city buried under the ash of Vesuvius. Already at that time, the canvas, which were used as a door, were fastened with the help of loops, and at some even primitive locks were present. Some kind of fittings of that time had a lot of forged elements (nails, staples, stripes). The appearance of the doors during the history of mankind has changed significantly, because the owners sought to add to their homes the maximum sophistication and security. Structures, materials changed. So, in the French houses of the 17th century, glass door models appeared for the first time. Two-story doors were the invention of masters of Denmark. The Americans began to produce door models that were freely open on both sides. It happened in the 19th century.

20th century, by itself, brought in the appearance of the door a lot of new. It has offered buyers a lot of models. Everyone could choose his own, individual option, based on the needs and material possibilities. In our time, interior doors are made from a variety of materials, the most popular among them are various breeds of wood - pine, beech, birch and many other varieties. In addition, the design of the doors is also very diverse - the doors can be filched and solid, like a dull wooden canvas, they can have such elements of decoration as recesses, drawings and pits. Also important is the design of the door - sliding, sophisticated or standard with a plunge.

In general, the appearance and capabilities of modern doors are significantly different from their ancient ancestors - different solutions, designs, materials, design. For example, MDF door panels are very sophisticated, durable and practical. They give the premises a modern and beautiful view. However, the purpose of the door, despite the significant development, has changed very little.

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